Thursday, April 15, 2010


The wisdom of Peanuts has been a part of the Warner family as long as I can remember. (It was a sad day in our house when Charles Shultz died and we even bought a commemorative Christmas Snoopy Ornament to honor him that year) I rarely recall a year when a Peanuts calendar has not graced the walls of my parents home. I too have developed a great love for Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and the crew.

This gem is the April page, and every day I get to walk by it several times. I smile every time.

But, the message has taken on a new meaning for me this month. Even when you're feeling plus 42 (MISERABLY over par), it's important to look and be cute on the outside because it helps you feel "cute" on the inside. I have had a lot of help with this over the past few weeks, and it truly has made an incredible difference for me.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

I call it... Silver Lining.

and I'm just about to take it outside for its very first ride!!