Sunday, May 23, 2010

Care Package

Thanks, mom. I needed this!


Home Sweet Home

I am totally a desert girl... probably because I've always lived in there. From a young age I learned about rattle snakes, saving water, and what the snow pack is. I feel at home when I'm in the desert. I love the dry heat, the sage brush and even the dust. Riding my bike, I get to see a lot of the desert up close. I actually strapped my camera to my bike so I could share some of what I get to enjoy with you. The colors right now are amazing!

The cacti are all in bloom!

These pictures are from my favorite ride through Kayenta, a housing community in the Northwest corner of St. George. My grandmother used to LOVE Kayenta, and now I can totally appreciate why! Because of the way it's designed, I really feel like I'm the only one out there even though I'm in the middle of the neighborhood.
It's definitely a favorite.

Another self-portrait for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chi-O Vegas Weekend!!

What a weekend. 12 girls from my pledge class came down to St. George, picked me up, and off we went to the Fabulous Las Vegas! We stayed at Sydney Scott's condo there and had an absolute BLAST together!

We ate good Mexican

Got a little sun tanned...

Ate frozen yogurt at Yogurtland. YUM!

And shopped, shopped shopped.

It was so great to get all of the girls together for a few days! Although we didn't even set foot on the strip, it was an amazing weekend in Vegas.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well, after an impromptu trip to Phoenix, I made it to St. George! So far, it's been great! I've been golfing, running, swimming, driving, eating out, and all other fun activities down here. I have always felt really comfortable in this little city...kind of like it's a second home. And now, it really is a place I call home.

The house. I'm so lucky to be here!

This is my little back yard. Love it. You can see all the bushes are covered in pink blossoms. The bees are so fabulous. They are constantly buzzing around.

And then my BIG backyard. I'm truly in the perfect location.

And of course I have my necessities:

I'm alive and well. Come visit!!