Thursday, December 16, 2010


I defended my thesis proposal this morning - something I've been working on (and dreading) for almost 8 months now...


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Good Times...

Anyone who has been to college has experienced all of the good and bad that is has to offer.

There truly is something special about spending time on any University campus. The students, athletics, excitement, energy, etc. It is definitely a dynamic place to be. I feel like, in the same way we form relationships with other people, we form relationships with school. In fact, it is the hope that we formed such a great relationship that we eventually want to give back financially to our respective institution. I digress. After spending 7 straight years here, I am currently finishing my last fall semester at the University of Utah. I basically should be an MD by now.

When I started college, campus was filled with familiar faces. The library was often more of a social experience than an academic one. Today, on the off chance that I do leave my only building, I don't recognize any of the far-too-young-to-be-in-college faces I see around. Everyone has long since graduated. But I'm left with millions of great memories of campus. I love to run into people who were part of my undergrad experience and reminisce about all of the good times. They are abundant. But almost without fail, the conversation ends up at a point where the person says to me, "You are so lucky to be in school still." And then, "I miss it..." with that dreamy look in their eyes. This is always such an interesting phenomenon to me. I think something happens to people after they're out of school for an undetermined amount of time. Much like following the break-up of a long-term relationship, we seem to forget all of the pain and suffering and remember only on the good times. I call it selective memory. For whatever reason, finals week doesn't seem to be a part of anyone's memory of college. Term papers, what are those? Stress? Don't know it. Late, late nights of Red Bull and Doritos... never happened. Forget about tuition. No no, everyone who has graduated can only remember the good stuff. You know, learning. Expanding their minds. Blah, blah, blah...

As I head into finals and my thesis proposal defense this week, let me be the one to remind you why you broke up with school, ie: graduated. School is hard. Tests, papers, tuition, projects, presentations, grades... They ran your life. Its uncomfortable, stressful, and in my case, interminable. Particularly right now, I don't think I can hear another person tell me how much they miss being in school.

Trust don't.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


No school, no work, fresh snow, lovely weather, opening day at Jackson Hole,
and a birthday to celebrate...

Why not go ski Targhee and Jackson for a couple of days??

Great skiing, Jazz win over the Lakers, Utes win over the cougs...
Aside from a busted ski, it was an epic weekend.