Thursday, June 14, 2012


It's everything you've ever seen or heard.  Havasupai is amazing.  

Gav jumped off this waterfall on our way out.  He said it was a highlight of the trip.  I believe it!  The trip was fantastic!

We've since run a few marathons and now are settling into the fat of summer.  It's the best.

Our Winter turned Spring

We had a very busy Winter and Spring.  First, we ran several races.  We started with the St. George Half Marathon and also ran the Dam2Dam 10-miler in St. George.  Fun races.  

 We love St. George in the winter.

We then headed to Catalina Island in March for the Catalina Island Marathon.  This is such a beautiful island, and although I have stared at it from the beaches of Newport, I had never set foot there.  It was a really fun weekend.  The marathon was the most difficult 26.2 I've ever run.  The elevation changes made for wicked hills, both up and down.  We finished in 5 hours, and were definitely in the middle of the pack.  We had beautiful weather and enjoyed every minute of the trip!

I threw a celebration party for Gavin as he broke his 10-year streak of NO CAFFEINE.  Seriously, he did it.  We ordered the limited edition Dublin Dr. Pepper in glass bottles (as well as about 60 more sodas in glass bottles made of only cane sugar) to be his first sip.  It did not disappoint.

In April, we went to Denver for a fun weekend away.  Gavin had southwest miles he was going to lose, so we took a quick getaway.  Denver is a great city.  We loved visiting.

Little Man Ice Cream - unreal!!

Kauai Honeymoon

These posts are a very long time coming.  We have been so busy and the blog has taken a back seat. Yikes.  Heres a synopsis of our last 6 months or so, beginning with our honeymoon.  We went in January after Gav had finished his fall semester.

 We had many, many DELICIOUS shave ices.  We tried all the flavors and they had an incredible coconut ice cream that made it so much better.  Yum.
 We backpacked the Na Pali coast to Kalalau Beach for 3 days of our honeymoon.  It was such a great hike and an incredible experience. The only way to Kalalau is by helicopter, boat (when the tide is low) or by foot.  We chose by foot, but by the time we were coming out, I wish we had chose the helicopter!

 When we got to the beach, the waves were SO huge, it wasn't safe to swim.  But they were something to see.  30 ft. swells at least!
 After we hiked out, we went to this little burger shack called Ohno Burger.  It was amazing.  I still have dreams about that teriyaki burger.
This is an elevation map of the 11-mile hike.  It was gnarly.  After we hiked in, it was hard to face the hike out, knowing what we were going to have to do.  Again, glad we did it, but very hard.

We loved Kauai and cannot wait to go back.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Real Wedding Pics...11.11.11

Here are some of the official wedding pictures. Thanks to Sy Snarr for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. We could not have asked for a better wedding. It was perfect!

All of my siblings flew in for the day. It meant so much to me to have them there. XO

It was such a fun day! Thanks to my parents and to the Gough parents for
making everything possible.